Once an artist, always an artist. You cannot get rid of the hunger to draw, paint, or create. Darating ang araw, magsasawa ka. Normal lang yan. Pero babalik at babalik ang interest mo at the proper moment. It will never go away. Nasasayo na lang kung hanggang kailan ka magpapahinga. Huwag lang masyadong matagal kasi baka kalawangin. Pero kung talagang mahal mo ang art, kikiligin ka araw-araw. Art is not just another industry or career path. It runs in your blood. It’s part of your life. It’s your most recognizable characteristic.

 Rodman M. Papros (Guhit Pinas Admin)


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams

I think that Art is everything. Art makes everyone connected. Art is unity and peace. But most of all, Art is Love. The greatest gift that we’ve received from thy God.

We also must learn that our dear God is the first artist. And we are his most beautiful creation.

–  Trixie Delos Reyes 




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